Quell For Free On Amazon Appstore

As the title states, Quell is free on the Amazon Appstore for today only.

I have yet to play the game, but it is hard to ignore the overwhelmingly great reviews it has been receiving…and the fact that it is FREE. There is still some time left in the night, so head over to the Appstore to pick this up.

Note: Once I get an opportunity to sync some time into the game, I will look to give you a quick review.

The Buick Verano, You’ll Never Hear What’s Coming

Peace and quiet, it’s definitely a rare thing to find these days. Driving your car can be one of those few moments where you can be by yourself, without the screaming kids, nagging wife, or anything else that produces an annoying noise.

Driving in silence is something the Buick Verano is striving for. From everything I have seen and read, it seems like it definitely does the succeeds in this regard.

Think about that for a minute, though. This vehicle will be DEAFENING outside sound (obviously, not entirely). If you aren’t picking up on what I am getting at, watch the commercial below, and pay close attention around 0:26.

If you  still haven’t picked up on my point, let me break it down for you:

Notice that bright red ambulance cruising by? Also notice how the guy driving the car never seems to acknowledge said ambulance (hence him turning left as the ambulance is driving by)? Yeah, that is definitely not a good thing. What if the ambulance had to turn left? BOOM…collision. Now another ambulance will have to be dispatched to the scene.

I don’t know if the Verano completely blocks out the sound of a siren, but you sure as hell won’t hear it unless it is right on top of you, and your radio is turned down. Oh, and to that last point of the radio being turned down: The Buick Verano comes with a Bose sound system, taking advantage of the quiet-tuned interior.

Shouldn’t Vampires Just Harvest Blood?

Let’s keep this simple and straight to the point. Wouldn’t it make much more sense for vampires to harvest blood, rather than suck the blood out of us humans…therefore turning us into another vampire? To me, it would make a hell of a lot of snense. My reasons being:

  1. You can save and store the blood for future drinkage(?)
  2. The human you just harvested the blood from will eventually retain said blood — assuming you didn’t harvest too much
  3. Adding on to number 2, the human stays human. No future vampires running around stealing your precious blood supply
  4. You can eventually mix in some added ingredients, forming a tasty little smoothy
  5. If people aren’t disappearing from the daytime left and right, you want have as many people suspecting vampire shenanigans. In case you don’t get it, this means there are less people out to KILL you

I’m sure some of my reasoning has been brought to the table before, but I don’t know/care much about vampires, and am sticking to my guns. If I am in any way off base, please, explain to me my errors. I actually welcome any logic behind why it necessary for vampires to suck blood, rather than harvest it for later drinkage (this word will catch on).

Those Damn Tablets!

If you are familiar with the tablets that crowd the market, then you surely know that Apple is hosting an event this Wednesday, March 7th, to unveil the iPad 3 (possibly called iPad HD, according to some rumors). Let’s face it, Apple OWNS the tablet market with the iPad — though some Android tablets, along with the Kindle Fire, are gaining a little bit of ground.

There are quite a few reasons why the unveiling of the iPad 3 interests me:

  1. Finding out new features that have been added — the rumored 2048×1536 retina display sounds pretty slick
  2. The iPad 2 will be dropping in price
  3. I am currently looking to purchase a tablet for the first time

One thing I should make clear: I am not an Apple “enthusiast.” By enthusiast, I am talking about those people who have to have the newest iPod, iPhone, iWhatever each year they are released. In fact, the only Apple product I have ever owned was an original 30GB iPod Classic.

While I’m at it, I want to point something else out: When I finally make a purchase, I am currently leaning toward the ASUS Transformer Prime. Were you expecting that? With all of the Apple talk above, my guess would be no. It’s sleek, quick, has very good features, and runs on ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich). However, the WiFi issues that people seem to be experiencing (do a Google search, there are plenty of results) is a bit worrisome. I don’t want to have to sit next to my router just to get a decent connection.

This is where my dilemma lies:Do I get the iPad 2 while the prices are being cut; get the Transformer Prime, as the features outnumber the iPad 2’s pretty significantly (my opinion); or wait for the iPad 3’s release? Vote in the poll after the break, and leave me some of your feedback in the comments if you own an iPad or the T-Prime.

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Second Trailer For The Avengers, It Speaks For Itself!

The new trailer for The Avengers is here….

Oh, I guess you were expecting me to say a little more? Well, the movie looks incredibly bad ass, and I officially can wait no longer. Whether you are a fan of each character or not, how can you not get excited to see them all assemble on the big screen?

I won’t hold you up any longer, head past the break for a Marvel orgasm!

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